This week we are sharing free charts and song resources for "Prince Of Heaven", "Peace Upon The Earth", and "When I Think Upon Christmas". Enjoy!

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Prince Of Heaven

Peace Upon The Earth

When I Think Upon Christmas

Have you ever prayed to God had heard nothing? It can cause feelings of abandonment and shame all rolled into one empty feeling. God’s people probably felt that way too before Jesus arrived on the scene. We know from history that several hundred years before the birth of the Savior, God was silent. No prophets, no miracles, not word from the Lord at all—just silence. Do you think God’s people were discouraged? Perhaps the thought all hope was lost. Maybe they had given up on God altogether.

But then, in the most unexpected way, in the most unlikely place and time, the answer to all their questions, fears, and hopelessness appeared.

If you are feeling like God can’t hear you, remember that He works in His timing, not yours. Jesus came exactly when He needed to. All of the silence of heaven was not an abandonment from God, but a preparation for God. Emmanuel, God with us.

So, when you have seasons of silence, thank God for the promise of the miracle to come. Worship the One who came to break the silence in our hearts and, with all glory and power, forever silence the enemy’s hold on you.

Praise Before My Breakthrough is a brand new EP from Bryan & Katie Torwalt. These songs are the fruit of Bryan & Katie's ministry, drawing people in with their unique sound to help others encounter and embrace the presence of God. The EP features songs like their title track "Praise Before My Breakthrough," "My Hallelujah," and "Prophesy Your Promise." These songs focus on the stages of breakthrough and would be great in any worship setlist.

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My Hallelujah

Be With Me

Praise Before My Breakthrough

Arms Of Grace

Prophesy Your Promise

|| 3 Free Christmas Songs ||

November 16, 2018

This week we are sharing free charts and song resources for "He Shall Reign Forevermore", "Seasons", and "His Name Shall Be". Enjoy!

Song Resources

He Shall Reign Forevermore


His Name Shall Be


I Know A Ghost is the brand new worship album from Crowder. If you're looking for songs with a unique style, Crowder's new album is a great option for a worship setlist at your church.
The album features new songs like "Red Letters," "Hundred Miles" and "Ghost."

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Red Letters

Let It Rain (Is There Anybody)

No Rival

Happy Day

Hundred Miles



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