Break Our Hearts

Writer(s): Vicky Beeching

Tempo: Medium

Ministry(s): ThankYou Music

Recommended Key(s): F

Scripture Reference(s): Matthew 5:16

Verse 1
It’s time for us to live the songs we sing
And turn our good intentions into action
To bring the kind of worship you desire
And move beyond our self-absorbed distractions
The mountains are shaking
Could this be a great awakening
Break our hearts
With the things that break Yours
Wake us up to see through Your eyes
Break our hearts
With the things that break yours
And send us out to shine in the darkness
Verse 2
It’s time to move outside our comfort zone
To see beyond our churches and our homes
To change the way we think and how we spend
Until we look like Jesus again
Here I am, send me
To be Your hands and feet
Here I am, send me, I will go