Breathe Charlie Hall

Writer(s): Charlie Hall, Kendall Combes

Theme(s): Prayer & Renewal

Tempo: Medium

Ministry(s): Passion

Original Key(s): A

CCLI #: 5858596

Scripture Reference(s): Exodus 15:26; Psalm 33:6

Verse 1
Come illuminate the face that brings the healing
Come illuminate the truth that brings the freeing
Oh, Holy ghost, come breathe on us
Verse 2
Come and heal the hearts, brokenness and weeping
We stand beneath the cross, thankful for the washing
Oh, Holy ghost, come breathe on us
Consume the atmosphere, here
Shine a light, shine a light
Through the open life
Let our hearts and the hearts of the King collide
Oh, Holy God, come breathe on us
Breathe, breathe on us