Broadcast Fee

Writer(s): Louie Giglio, Steve Fee

Tempo: Fast

Ministry(s): Passion

BPM: 147

Original Key(s): A

Key Range: G - C

CCLI #: 4939980

Scripture Reference(s): John 8:26

Verse 1
I know a Name that is higher
Than any name
I know the Man Who is breaking
The prison chains
He is the One Who is overtaken the grave
Shake this ground with the victory sound
Our God reigns And we're shouting it loud
We're gonna broadcast
All over the world
That You are God
And You are Good
Verse 2
I know the One
Who has conquered the enemy
He is the King of Life and Liberty
All around the world let freedom ring
(Repeat Pre-Chorus & Chorus)
All over the earth
Let it be heard
Our God is Good