Divine Invitation

Writer(s): Eric Owyoung, Steve Hindalong

Theme(s): Grace & Mercy

Tempo: Medium

Scripture Reference(s): Jeremiah 29:13, 1 John 4:19

Sweet sweet love of God
We revere Your firelight heart
In this divine invitation
We find Your embrace
And in our deep adoration
See the light of Your face
In this divine invitation
We all find the place
For our souls
Where the longings were born
Long ago
Verse 1
Sweet sweet grace surrounds
We've been sought
Through all of our years
You've carried our tears with You
Verse 2
We are all here to find
The place where our restless souls
Will be free
We were all made to see
Our hearts could not rest
Until found in thee
Sweet sweet Savior come
Near us now
Into the depths of our hearts
Sweet sweet breath of life
You fulfill
With the warmth of Your love
The mystery of Your ways