Writer(s): Daniel Huscroft, Michael Payne, Sarah Kelly

Theme(s): Adoration & Praise

Tempo: Slow

Recommended Key(s): F

Scripture Reference(s): Psalms 145:1

Verse 1
There’s no place else that I’d rather be
Than right here with You, Lord, right here with You
All is peaceful all is well, right here with You
And nothing can change Your love; it’s mine forever
And nothing can steal my heart; it’s Yours forever
Verse 2
Touched by your hand of grace
My heart is won, my heart is won
And angels, they did celebrate just for this One
Bridge 1
And we’ll be the best of friends forever
And I’ll die to live with You forever
Bridge 2
And nothing in this world could ever keep me from loving You
Forever, forever here with You
Forever, forever, forever, forever, forever