Writer(s): Fred Heumann, Stuart Townend

Theme(s): Grace & Mercy

Tempo: Medium

Ministry(s): ThankYou Music

CCLI #: 3709771

Scripture Reference(s): Romans 3:22-24, Romans 5:1-2

Verse 1
Lord, I’m grateful, amazed at what You’ve done.
My finest efforts are filthy rags,
but I’m made righteous by trusting in the Son.
I have God’s riches at Christ’s expense!
’Cause it’s grace,
and there’s nothing I can do
to make You love me more,
to make You love me less than You do.
And by faith I’m standing on this stone
of Christ and Christ alone.
Your righteousness is all that I need,
’cause it’s grace.
Verse 2
Called and chosen when I was far away,
You brought me into Your family.
Free, forgiven, my guilt is washed away;
Your loving kindness is life to me.
Grace loves the sinner,
all I am and all I’ll ever be,
yeah, yeah, makes me a winner,
whatever lies the devil throws at me.
Verse 3
Freely given, but bought with priceless blood.
My life was ransomed at Calvary.
There my Jesus gave ev’rything He could
that I might live for eternity.