He Is The Light Jesus Culture

Writer(s): Katie Torwalt, Bryan Torwalt

Theme(s): God's Attributes

Tempo: Medium

Ministry(s): Jesus Culture

BPM: 122

Original Key(s): B

Key Range: A-D

Recommended Key(s): B

CCLI #: 7001303

Scripture Reference(s): John 8:12

Verse 1
I feel the nations of the earth are shaking
There is no power that can match His grace
Lift up your head
Lift up your eyes to see
Verse 2
All of creation is waiting and longing
For sons and daughters to declare this truth
Lift up your head
Lift up your voice and sing
He is the light
Shining in the darkness
He is the hope
Hope of all the nations
He is the light
He is the light
For all the world to see
Verse 3
I feel the faith across the earth is rising
We prophecy about his kingdom come
Just like heaven
All across the earth
Great is The Lord
Praise His name
Praise His name