I Breathe You In, God Bryan and Katie Torwalt

Writer(s): Katie Torwalt, Bryan Torwalt

Theme(s): Adoration & Praise

Tempo: Medium

Ministry(s): Jesus Culture

BPM: 73

Original Key(s): E

Key Range: D-G

Recommended Key(s): E , F , F# , G

CCLI #: 6087995

Scripture Reference(s): Psalm 33:6

Verse 1
The presence of the Living God
Satisfies the depths of my heart
And all of me I change when you came
And I'm led free by Your glory and grace
And I breathe You in,God
'Cos You are there all around me
Verse 2
The kindness of Your love's pure light
Pierces through the darkest of all night
And everything is possible now
For God is here
And God is good
And You are good, God
For You are good to me
And when I don't understand
I will choose You
And when I don't understand
I will choose to love You, God
Its my privilege
To worship You
To worship