In The End Chris Tomlin

Writer(s): Jason Dyba

Tempo: Slow

Ministry(s): Passion

BPM: 69.00

Original Key(s): A

Key Range: G-C

Recommended Key(s): A

CCLI #: 7029540

Scripture Reference(s): Romans 1:16

Verse 1
The power of God is living within us
We will not be afraid
The constant battles rage all around us
Your promise still remains
Your promise still remains
In the end Love will fill the earth, raise the dead to life
In the end we will see the Kingdom come
In the end all of darkness will be bursting into light
we will live with You forever in the end
Verse 2
We do not weep as those who are hopeless
This world is not our home
For Christ has died but now He is risen
Our God has overcome
Our God has saved us
our God has raised us
Because of Jesus alone
This is the Gospel
This is the Gospel
This is the Gospel we know