Light Of The World Jesus Culture

Writer(s): Chris Quilala, Ian McIntosh

Theme(s): God's Attributes

Tempo: Medium

Ministry(s): Jesus Culture

BPM: 120

Original Key(s): A#

Key Range: Ab-Db

Recommended Key(s): A#

CCLI #: 7024847

Scripture Reference(s): Mathew 5:14

Verse 1
Love came down
In flesh you walked among us
Bore our sins
To death you rose victorious
Bursting from the grave you rose
Light of the world
Even death could not contain
Darkness' spell
It was defeated that day
Verse 2
Perfect life
Shining down upon us
We are free
In him we are victorious
Chorus 2
He is the light
He is risen from the grave
All our sins are washed away
Light of the world
He is the light
He's the light of the world
He is the light
He pulled us from the depths of darkness
Brought us into a glorious light
He broke the power of sin and freed us
Gave his life (Repeat Bridge)