Love Comes Down Matt Maher

Writer(s): Audrey Assad, Matt Maher, Michael Gungor, Paul Moak

Theme(s): Adoration & Praise

Tempo: Fast

CCLI #: 5553633

Scripture Reference(s): 1 John 4:9

Verse 1
I'm searching for a king and kingdom
Here among the beggars and the weak
The broken and redeemed
I’m finding grace beyond all measure
In flesh and blood He hides His majesty
Inside of you and me
Why would a king do such a thing?
Isn't it beautiful?
Isn't it marvelous?
The God of the universe
He became one of us
We cry out and then
Love comes down again
is found in Him, hallelujah
Verse 2
Glorious beyond all measure
Bending low to wash His traitor's feet
People just like me
Why would a king do such a thing?
Sing, sing for faith
Sing for hope
Sing for what great love has done
What was lost he has found
Shout it out