Love So High Hillsong Worship

Writer(s): Chris Tomlin, Jason Ingram, Matt Redman, Reuben Morgan

Tempo: Slow

Ministry(s): Hillsong

Recommended Key(s): D

CCLI #: 6199326

Scripture Reference(s): Ephesian 3:18

Verse 1
Outside the city walls
On a wooden cross
A light in the darkness
Bleeding from Your hands
Flowing from Your side
A river of mercy
A river of mercy
Your love so great
Higher than the stars
Unfailing love
Deeper than the sea
Your love so sure
Stronger than the mountains
Oh Your love
It's everything to me
(How deep how wide)
(How long how high)
Verse 2
Thorns that made a crown
Forgiveness falling down
Your wounds are our healing
The earth began to move
And all of heaven knew
Death was defeated
And all because of You Jesus
Your love so high
Your love so high
Your love so high (oh Your love)
Your love so high
Your love so high