O Rejoice Hillsong Worship

Writer(s): Mia Fieldes

Tempo: Slow

Ministry(s): Hillsong

CCLI #: 4489708

Scripture Reference(s): Luke 2:8-10

Verse 1
Come come and behold the Son
Come come and behold the babe
Come see what the Lord has done
Come heaven has made a way
Verse 2
See see in the east a star
Come now as the angels sing
All glory be unto God
Born born is the saving King
O rejoice rejoice
Heaven sings tonight
Rejoice the Lord is come
Verse 3
Still still is the weary world
Still but for the humble praise
Hear hear as the shepherds sing
Join join as the drummer plays
Verse 4
Fall fall on your knees all men
Joy joy to the world this day
Here find ye the word as flesh
Here here on a bed of hay