Writer(s): Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, Louie Giglio

Theme(s): Adoration & Praise

Tempo: Fast

Ministry(s): Passion

Recommended Key(s): F

CCLI #: 4674142

Scripture Reference(s): Psalm 145:7

We’re gonna party,
I can feel it down inside.
Party, I was dead, now I’m alive.
Gonna outshout the heavens now,
Gonna sing loud and drown the sea out,
Gonna celebrate the life I found, I’m found, I’m found.
I was blind but now I see,
I was lost but He rescued me,
He saved the day and He set me free,
Set me free, now I’m free.
Anybody feel like dancing?
Anybody feel like singing along?
Anybody feel like shouting?
Anybody feelin’ a party going on?