Second Chance

Writer(s): Braden Lang, Scott Ligertwood

Tempo: Slow

Ministry(s): Hillsong

CCLI #: 5032051

Scripture Reference(s): Romans 8:1

You called my name, reached out your hand,
Restored my life, and I was redeemed,
The moment you entered my life,
Amazing grace, Christ gave that day,
My life was changed,
Went from my shoulders, fell the weight of my sin
So it's with everything I am,
I reach out for your hand,
The hope that changed a second chance I've gained,
On you I throw my life, casting all my fears aside,
How could greater love than this, ever possibly exist
Consume my thoughts, as I rest in you,
I'm now in love, with a Saviour,
Bearing the marks of his love
(Repeat Chorus)
So I wait upon you now
With my hands released to you
Where a little faiths enough
To see mountains lift and move
Yeah and I wait upon you now
Dedicated to your will
To this love that will remain
A love that never fails
Copyright Hillsong Publishing (adm. in the US and Canada at All rights reserved. Used by permission.