Come To The Water Kristian Stanfill , Brett Younker

Writer(s): Kristian Stanfill , Brett Younker

Genre(s): Modern

Tempo: Medium

Recommended Key(s): C


CCLI #: 6364481

Scripture Reference(s): Isaiah 55:1

lyrics & chords (?)

Verse 1
C                                Csus
Come, come to the water
 All who are thirsty
 Come and be filled
C                                Csus
 Come, come to the river
 Brothers and sisters
 Come and be healed
 Come and be healed

Am7                    F2                        C
We believe in the kingdom come
 We believe in the risen Son
         Am7       F2                   C           G
 You bring our hearts to life
Am7                               F2
 Lord we come with our hands up high
C                                G
 We believe You will satisfy
         Am7        F2                  C          G
 You bring our hearts to life
         Am7       F2                   C          G
 You bring our hearts to life
                        C         C/E       F2
 We are alive

Verse 2
See people returning
The love of the father drawing us in
See salvation coming
Jesus our Savior, light of the world
Light of the world

C                           Csus
Let revival come
 Let the people sing
 The glory of Your name

(Am7    F2    C     F2)

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