Uncreated One

Writer(s): Chris Tomlin, J.D. Walt

Tempo: Slow

Ministry(s): Passion

Recommended Key(s): E

CCLI #: 4822516

Scripture Reference(s): Col. 1:15-17, John 1:1-4

Holy Uncreated One, your beauty fills the skies.
But the glory of Your majesty is the mercy in Your eyes.
And worthy Uncreated One, from heaven to earth come down.
You laid aside Your royalty to wear the sinner’s crown.
And O Great God be glorified,
Our lives laid down, Your’s magnified.
And O Great God be lifted high,
There is none like You.
Jesus, Savior, God’s own son, Risen, reigning Lord.
Sustainer of the Universe by the power of Your word.
And when we see Your matchless face,
In speechless awe we’ll stand.
And there we’ll bow with grateful hearts,
Unto the Great I Am.
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