Dancing On The Waves | Song Devotional

August 27, 2020 in devotionals

Ephesians 2:10: “For we are God’s masterpiece…”

Would you do me a favor as you’re reading this? Would you please walk to a mirror or open up the camera on your phone and look at yourself and say, “I am God’s masterpiece.” Say it 1 time, say it 10 times, say it 1000 times. If you’re in a coffee shop, say it with a whisper to yourself or stand up on a table and say it with a shout to the whole room, but, wherever you are, say it until you begin to believe it.

I just walked to a mirror in my house and did it. It was hard. My lips said the sentence, but at first my mind saw the same old flaws I’ve always seen. I saw the parts of me that I want to change sometimes. I saw the parts of me that I’m prone not to like so much, and I wondered if other people see those same things. But, I kept saying “I am God’s masterpiece” over and over, until it began to become rooted in my heart. I know deep down that I am, but sometimes I have a really hard time believing it. Praise God that my fickle momentary belief doesn’t change a thing about His truth.

When you look into the mirror, you’re staring at the masterpiece of God. You are the pinnacle of creation, His magnum opus, His joy, His delight, His beloved, the one He adores, His treasure. He’s proud of you. You are the reason He sang the universe into existence. He did it all for you, that you might remember His wild love and boundless creativity, and there is not a single thing about you or me that He would change. Whether you are 15, 50, or 85, no matter our gender, no matter our race, no matter our battles, He’s reaching His gentle hand toward us and beckoning us to see ourselves the way that He sees us. He knows we struggle, He knows we mourn, He knows we feel insecure, and He knows that sometimes we just want to give up. He knows that we are weary from trying so hard, and He’s here to bring us home. In fact, He is home, and because He resides within those who have surrendered to Him, we are already and always home. What a mystery, what a promise!

Look up and lift your eyes. Your future is open wide. He has GREAT plans for you. Your past is dead and gone. Your healing has begun. He’s making ALL things new. God, the Father you’ve always needed, Jesus, the lover of your soul, and the Holy Spirit, the friend you’ve always wanted, together are the blessed Trinity of hope and promise, and there is nothing that our God will not do to remind us of His matchless love.

You are God’s masterpiece.

You are God’s masterpiece.

You are God’s masterpiece.



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